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7 Ways to Set Up Your Balcony for Use All Year Round

27 February, 2020

he warm sun and beautiful summer weather is what attracts people to spend time on their balconies. Once the weather starts getting chillier, they move indoors as most balconies are not equipped to deal with colder climates. But if designed right, you will find yourself spending more time outside, even at the peak of the winter. By just adding in a few design elements, will help you set up your balcony for use all year round. Read on for tips on how to weatherproof your balcony so you can maximise the use of your outdoor space.

Cover Up Your Balcony for Use All Year Round

The most important thing you need to think of while designing a balcony for all year round use is how you would like to cover it up. Covering your space increases privacy and also helps protect you from extreme weather conditions. By installing bamboo blinds or glass shutters, you can protect your area from the harsh sun in the summers, cold winds in the winter and those all-year-round flash stormy rains. Sliding glass doors and roller blinds are great for balconies as you can use them only when required without obstructing the view.

Weatherproof Furniture

To ensure durability in diverse and changing weather conditions, you must consider weatherproof furniture for your balcony. It is equipped to deal with all kinds of weather and will hold up well for more extended periods. It may require some care from time to time to ensure that it looks good.

The other thing that you could use to weatherproof your furniture is a cover. It protects your furniture when not in use. Do your research and pick the option that works best for your space.

Add in Some Heating

While you set up your balcony for use all year round, make sure you think of adding a source of heating for your outdoor space. Especially if you love the outdoors, even in winter, the warmer and cosier it is out on your balcony, the more time you would want to spend there. So consider buying a portable heater for your balcony. These are perfect for keeping you warm on those chilly winter days on your balcony.

Add More Lighting

If you’re looking to spend more time outdoors even in the peak of winter, make sure to add extra lighting. It gets dark earlier in the autumn, so you want to be equipped for that while setting up your balcony. Lighting fixtures, spotlights, string lights and other kinds of lights can be used to effortlessly light up your outdoor space for those winter evenings. You can further look into LEDs or solar-powered lights for your area. Having multiple lighting solutions for your outdoor space may be a good idea.