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8 Cosy Balcony Decor Ideas to Transform your Space

25 May, 2020

Balconies are essential, especially with summer approaching. You may want to spend more time outdoors, soaking in the sun. And what better place to do that at, than your balcony! With the right decor, it can easily be transformed into your comfort zone. No matter how small your balcony, you can quickly spruce it up. Adding the right furniture, perfect lighting, and maybe a tiny balcony garden is all you’ll need to add a homely touch to your space. So if you’re looking to convert your area into another beautiful corner of your home, here are some simple balcony decor ideas to inspire you. 

Bring in Comfortable Seating 

If you plan to spend hours out on your balcony, this is the most important thing you’ll need. Finding the right kind of comfortable outoor seating for your balcony is essential. Depending on the vibe you would like to create for your space, here are seating options you could consider for your balcony: 

Comfy Outdoor Sofa 

If you have enough space on your balcony, you could consider bringing in a comfortable outdoor sofa. You will find these for every budget and in various shapes and sizes. Pick the one that best suits your needs. 

Built-In Seating 

If it gets particularly windy out on your balcony, you could consider installing some built-in seating. This bench-style seating looks elegant and is also extremely durable and sturdy. You can add colourful pillows and cushions to add colour to your space. 


Another great seating option you could consider is a swing. You can pick one to hang from the ceiling if your balcony has one. If not, you could go in for a swing along with a frame for it to hang on. Add on a thick pillow cushion for extra comfort. 

Bean Bags 

If you’re looking for more portable furniture, bean bags are a good option for you. These are easy to maintain, are waterproof and can be easily rearranged as per your requirement. 

Floor Pillows 

Floor Pillows are great cosy seating options for your balcony. They are cost-effective, easy to move and super comfortable. 


Balcony recliners are great seating options for your space. Many of these are foldable, making them perfect make-shift options. You can also find some rocking recliners. They can be a fun option if you plan to spend hours sunbathing on your balcony. 


If you’re a beach bum and would love to recreate some tropical vibes out on your balcony, a hammock is a perfect fit for you. Add in some potted palm trees and create your ideal balcony tropical paradise. 

Choose the Perfect Table 

Based on the seating you choose for your balcony, you may want to choose the right table to go along. From small side tables to go by your reclining chairs to full-fledged outdoor dining tables, there are various options available. Pick one suitable for your space and requirement. Just make sure that you pick something sturdy, durable and water-resistant. 

Bring in the Greenery 

What better way to add character to your outdoor space, than with some beautiful plants and flowers! You can cultivate your own small balcony garden if you have a green thumb or use some artificial plants for an instant green look. Here are all the options for adding in greenery to your outdoor space: 

Railing Flower Garden 

If your balcony is small, you could opt in for a railing flower garden. You can quickly grow some beautiful flowers in hanging planters to add in a pop of colour to your outdoor setting. 

Vertical Garden 

A vertical garden is another space-saving option for those with a green thumb. You can grow various easy to maintain decorative plants or even set up a mini-herb garden here. All you’ll need is a vertical stand to place your pots. 

Fake Plants 

If you’re someone who doesn’t have the time to dedicate to a balcony garden, you can choose to add fake plants and vines around your balcony. This helps add a green look to your space without requiring constant care like real plants. You could also look into adding green vine sheets or bamboo privacy sheets around the railings. 

Artificial Grass 

Artificial grass makes an excellent carpet for your balcony space. You can buy these as sheets or panels and cover the entire flooring of your balcony with them. Artificial grass automatically adds a garden feel to your outdoor space. 

Create some Privacy 

Another important thing to consider when looking for your balcony decor ideas is how you can create some additional privacy outdoors. There are innumerable ways to do so effortlessly. From outdoor curtains to growing bamboo plants, make sure to research all your options before designing your space. 

Consider the Sun 

If your balcony gets too much sun, you may want to consider this when searching for balcony decor ideas. There are various ways to cover up your balcony so that the heat does not get unbearable. From make-shift curtains to blinds and an overhead umbrella for your balcony, there are various options to cover up. 

Texture and Patterns with a Cosy Rug 

Another great balcony decor idea is to add in a rug. Rugs can be used to add patterns to your outdoor space effortlessly. They also help bring together all the various design elements on your balcony. You will find rugs for every budget and made of different fabrics. Choose one that will stand up to the elements. 

Accessorising is Everything 

There are various ways you could accessorise your balcony. You may consider using beautiful mirrors, flower vases, ornamental lanterns, colourful pillows, and other such accessories to add to the character of your outdoor space.