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8 Tips to Create a Kid-Friendly Balcony

23 July, 2020

Your balcony can easily be converted into a fun space for your kids. You can utilise your outdoor space as a play area to keep them occupied through the day. Read on for some fun ways you can create a safe kid-friendly balcony in your home.

Kid-Proofing the Balcony

Before you let your kids out on the balcony, it is essential to ensure that it is safe. Kids can be curious and may do things that might put them at danger. Here are a few things to keep in mind while setting up a kid-friendly balcony space:

Make Sure Your Railings Are Well Fortified and High Enough

Kids tend to run towards the railings to look outside. Make sure that your railing is strong enough and well fixed. The other thing to keep in mind is the height of the railing. Make sure every side of your balcony railing is high enough so your child cannot climb on it. If your balcony has low horizontal ladder-like bars, you may want to cover it up as kids could use that to climb up.

Cover up Any Gap More Than 4 Inches

If your railing has a gap of more than 4 inches, you may want to cover them up. Children can stick their hands or head outside the fence and might get stuck. Plexiglas or a balcony shield is useful to cover up these gaps.

Make Sure No Sharp Objects or Tools Are Lying About

To create a kid-friendly balcony space, take note of all the things that you keep outside. If there are any sharp objects or tools or maybe chemicals or fertilisers that you store outdoors, make sure you lock them up. Young children can be curious, and you do not want to have dangerous and harmful things lying about.

Keep the Furniture Away From the Railings

Make sure all your outdoor furniture is away from the edges. Kids can use the furniture to climb up and get on the railing.

Now that you have kid-proofed your balcony, here are some fun ways of using your outdoor space to keep your little ones occupied.

Kid-Friendly Balcony Activities

Outdoor Splash Pool

Convert your balcony into a fun outdoor splash pool for your kids. You can buy an inflatable pool for those warm summer days. That way your kids can have fun splashing about in the balcony. Be sure to check the load bearing capacity of your balcony.

Sandbox Play Area

Create a fun outdoor sandbox for your kid to play with and keep occupied while you work. Repurpose an old bookshelf into a fun DIY sandbox and buy some toys to leave in the area—that way the sand does not get carried back in the house with the toys.

Chalkboard Wall

Use the wall of your balcony as a chalkboard wall where your kid can write, draw and be creative.

Outdoor Camping Area

You could easily convert your balcony into an outdoor camping area for your kid. Pitch a tipi in your gallery, add in a campsite table by it and teach your kids to be adventurous.

Play Table

Create a board game zone out on your balcony! Add in a table with chairs around and stack it up with multiple board and card games. Jenga, Monopoly, Sequence, and many more!

Balcony Gardening for Kids

Mark off a section of your garden for your kids and teach them to plant their seeds. Train them to care for their little garden patch and see how they find it.

Outdoor Play Fort

Set up a mini play fort outdoors for your kid. Be it a dollhouse or a pirate castle; your child will have fun playing in there.

Craft Table

Spark your child’s creativity with an outdoor craft table. Use the space to inspire your child’s creativity through drawing, painting, knitting and planning various DIY projects with your kids.