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9 Ways: How to Improve your Wellbeing on Your Balcony This Lockdown

4 November, 2020

With the imminent beginning of a second lockdown in the UK, talking about maintaining your physical and mental well-being is absolutely essential. Being stuck indoors day after day can become mentally taxing and depressing for many. To help you cope, here are 9 tips on how to improve your wellbeing on your balcony during this lockdown.


Get Into a Morning Balcony Routine.

This is one of the most important tip on how to improve your wellbeing as it is highly effective. Having and maintaining a routine during lockdown is essential as it will help you feel like there is a bit of normalcy in your life during these trying times. Create and stick to a morning routine that is best suited to your lifestyle, but make sure to include some quality time outdoors on your balcony before the day starts. This will help you get geared up for the day ahead.

Gratitude Journalling

A great way to keep your mental well-being in check is by starting a gratitude journal. Take a few minutes every day to sit on your balcony and write down the things that you are thankful for. This will help keep a positive spin on things during the lockdown.

Meditate on Your Balcony

Meditating is a great way to improve your wellbeing and you can easily do it on your balcony in the fresh air. It helps you focus better and improves self-awareness and self-esteem. It is also instrumental in reducing stress, which can be very beneficial in such uncertain times. Take a thirty-minute break from your work or normal house routine daily to meditate on your balcony and see the difference this makes to your life during the lockdown.

Do a Fun Balcony Workout

Keeping physically fit during lockdown is extremely important. Being stuck at home for most of the day means your body is likely not getting enough physical activity, so make sure you schedule in some daily workout sessions. To help you, London-based fitness trainer Norman Troy has created a special balcony workout to keep you fit throughout the lockdown. It’s basic but effective and can be done easily without the need for a lot of equipment.

Start a Balcony Garden

For those who’ve always wanted to start a balcony garden, now is the perfect time! Take a leap and start a small balcony garden. Gardening has many benefits, a major one being that it is therapeutic and de-stressing. So, order in some pots and potting soil and start planting some flowering plants that with the right nurturing will lead to a wonderful spring bloom on your balcony. Those who are starting balcony gardening for the first time might want to check out our beginners’ guide to balcony gardening or can download a free balcony gardening journal to help you plan better – https://skize.com/journal/

Plan a Balcony Aperitif

Those looking for a fun way to spend the evenings indoors could consider organising a fun balcony aperitif for those living with you. Open a nice bottle of wine or even go ahead and whip up some fancy cocktails together with a board of charcuterie and have an enjoyable evening out on your balcony.

Work Outdoors

Take a break from routine and set up your work desk outdoors on your balcony for a day. Working outdoors can help increase your focus, productivity and creativity and can give your mind a much-needed boost. Set up a nice work station on your balcony and spend a lovely day closer to nature, while you tick off things on your to-do list for the day!

Read a Book in the Fresh Air

Times like these can be extremely stressful, and what better way to kick back and relax than with a good book. Make some time in the day to take a break and read a book out on your balcony. This will not only help you relax and get your mind off work and other routine things, but can also transport you to a different world.

Set up a Fun Balcony Picnic

Another fun way to enjoy your balcony during the second lockdown is by organising a fun balcony picnic for you and your loved one. Set up a perfect picnic on your balcony on a nice sunny afternoon with good weather (if there are any nice days during lockdown!). Pack some sandwiches and other picnic food in a basket and bring out a blanket to set up your picnic. Go a step further and decorate the set with some nice accessories, like flowers and scented candles. Read more about setting up a perfect balcony picnic here.