About - Skize

About Skize

Our Purpose

We believe that a well designed balcony is a great way for apartment communities everywhere to increase their happiness and enjoy urban living to the full.

You know the challenges that apartment living can bring – space, light, privacy and the rest. Even safety concerns like fire can be a nagging worry.

And so we wanted to help. We wanted to learn from real persons, like Pedro and his faithful dog Alfie here, who found their balcony to be a place of escape, enjoyment and relaxation, during the long weeks of the COVID lock-down.

If you are new to this way of living, then it can be hard to know where to start! Simple activities such as gardening, which are so rewarding and proven to have therapeutic effects, can become a jungle of information and terminology that leave you none the wiser.

Our Story

Skize belongs to a group of businesses who started out as a general building company in 1974, before reforming into a specialist balustrading manufacturer in 1992. A family-based business, their company name “Sapphire” was an acronym of the founding partners & spouses initials! However, it was also a fitting name for a company that has since built its reputation on quality and innovation.

Our business owners are active members of a Christian community and care for people has been always been a fundamental principle by which we operate. Our Group Purpose of “Innovation to Prosper the Community” has been our north star in the many developments the business has taken over the years.

The most recent chapter of our story really began in 2014, when our parent company, now known as Sapphire Balconies, reinvented the way that balconies are made and installed on apartment blocks. Seeing the challenges and complexity posed by the old way of installing balconies, we created the unique, patented Glide-On system , making the working lives of many 100’s of contractors safer, simpler and more effective ever since. Once again, people were at the forefront of our innovation.

Then the disaster of Grenfell Tower drove us to found MyDek, a manufacture of non-combustible decking and spearhead industry awareness relating to fire safety.

More recently, we turned our attention to the wellbeing of the residents that live in apartments. We became more and more aware not only of their challenges, but also of the possibility to make a difference to their lives. To do this, we needed a community, and Skize was born!

Help is at hand!

Since we set out to improve the lives of those that choose to live a little nearer to the sky, we have come across gems wherever we look:

  • Experts like Isabelle Palmer shown here, who has helped so many to create great looking mini-gardens to show off a little and inspire those around them.
  • Ingenious products such as self-watering planters that make your life easier, or escape equipment to help give you peace of mind if the worst should happen.
  • Even a Balcony Baker!

And many, many more. There are countless opportunities, and we are so excited by what we have begun. We sum all this up in three words:

  • Embrace – We believe it is important to embrace the concept of community and share a wealth of know-how for the benefit of all.
  • Elevate – We will strive to elevate personal wellbeing by inspiring our followers to create their own area of sanctuary and happiness.
  • Enhance – We will show you ways to enhance your home, through balcony-specific products and solutions that make the most of your outdoor opportunities.

So whether you are a balcony beginner, or an urban landscape legend, you can add value to our community, simply by getting involved. We look forward to your input in making Skize the best balcony-specific resource globally!