About - Skize

About Skize

We believe in promoting balcony happiness globally

Our Story

Skize belongs to a family of businesses who live by the mantra of “innovation to prosper the community”, and who started out as a general building company in 1992.

The more recent chapter of our story really began in 2014, when our founding company, Sapphire Balconies, reinvented the way that balconies are made and installed on apartment blocks, making the working lives of many 1000’s of contractors safer, simpler and more effective ever since.

In recent years, we have turned the attention of our innovation to the wellbeing of the families and individuals that are part of the balcony community.

Our Vision

At Skize we believe that family wellbeing is non-negotiable; that an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle should be open to everyone, wherever they may choose to live.

We understand that living in apartments and urban locations brings with it a unique set of requirements to fulfil that lifestyle.

We have therefore chosen to set out to improve the lives of the communities that choose to live a little nearer to the sky.

Our Promise

We promise to provide the balcony community with a platform that will lead to an improvement of their balcony lifestyle.