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Balcony Trends to Inspire Your Balcony Style in 2020

24 August, 2020

Balconies are the windows to the world outside, and if anything, 2020 has highlighted their importance further. With the pandemic lockdown and need for self-isolation, balconies have become the leading space in many homes around the globe. Balconies that once lay bare were filled with song, music, art and activity through the lockdown. This trend has undoubtedly sparked off many more balcony trends for the rest of the year ahead. From outdoor kitchens to art studios, the balcony spaces around you are set to evolve rapidly in the coming months. Here are some of the top nine balcony trends you can expect to see on the rise in the second half of 2020:

Urban Jungles

Urban Jungles are going to be on the rise this year and is one of the top balcony trends for 2020. These could be indoors as well as out on balconies. Greenery and living spaces will be the need of the hour. Expect to see more creeper and vine walls, railing flower gardens, edible balcony gardens and balcony lawns.

Another rising trend will be letting this greenery grow wild. With an increasing awareness of climate change, plants and gardens that look after themselves will be on the rise. Bamboo and certain kinds of grass are trendy for such low maintenance landscapes.

Tropical Vibes

Potted palm trees, comfy sunbeds or daybeds, hammocks and some pretty umbrellas for shade is all you’ll need to whip up some beachy vibes right on your balcony. With travel plans getting cancelled in 2020, many will try to recreate a fun tropical theme out on their balconies. Adding in an inflatable pool to the tropical set up will be taking things a step further for those with bigger outdoor spaces.

Sustainable Spaces

With an increased awareness of climate change in 2020, sustainable spaces are all the rage. The focus is on creating spaces that use recycled material and are more environmentally friendly. This trend towards sustainable spaces also gives rise to more DIY projects that use recycled materials from around the house.

Cosy Reading Nook

In the post-pandemic world, creating a cosy balcony is going to be a priority. With a lot more time to spare on hand and a rising work-from-home culture, balcony reading nooks will be a growing trend through 2020. Creating a comfortable space dedicated to reading and learning outdoors on balconies will be the need of the hour for reading enthusiasts.

Extended Living Room

For families with kids, an extended outdoor living room will gain popularity. With multiple members in the family, each having their unique interests and needs, the best way to cater to them all will be with a comfortable and cosy external living room. This way, each member of the family can use the space as he or she likes, and the family can also use the area for fun evenings outdoors.

Family Dining Area

The other popular option for family friendly balconies in 2020 would be an outdoor dining space. This will be perfect for them to spend some quality time outdoors over delicious meals. The dining area can also be repurposed as a board game zone for some fun family evenings.

Outdoor Gym

Fitness enthusiasts have missed their workouts during the pandemic and will surely opt for a minimalist outdoor gym on their balcony. The set up will be perfect for ensuring that they can keep in shape, no matter what comes their way for the rest of the year.

Gym equipment like weights, cycles and treadmills are readily available and will be all that is needed for a balcony gym.

Outdoor Craft Studio

Hobbies like painting, music and origami are on the rise and having a dedicated space to explore these crafts may lead to an increase in outdoor craft studios in 2020. The outdoors with the fresh air and inspiration from the world around can help spark creativity. This makes it the perfect setting for an outdoor craft studio.


The work-from-home culture has been on a steady rise, and with social distancing in place for the rest of the year, there will be a significant rise in the work-from-home culture in the coming years. Many people will want to shift to the remote work sector, and this will give rise to a trend of outdoor workspaces. Balconies can easily be converted into a perfect outdoor workstation. With a weather-proof work desk with loads of storage, a comfortable chair and some privacy elements imbibed with the design elements, outdoor workspaces will be the most significant balcony trend in 2020 and for the coming years.