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Balcony Troughs – How to Select the Right One for Your Space

23 September, 2020

Troughs were originally used on farms to hold water and food for farm animals. Today, you will find them out on almost every balcony, repurposed as containers for various plants. They come in various sizes, designs and finishes and make the perfect addition for any kind of railing garden. While the most common material used to make such railing troughs is plastic, you can also find some dressier ones in ceramic or clay. So if you’re considering cultivating a railing garden and are looking for the right kind of balcony troughs for your space, read on to learn more about how to select the right one:

Things to Consider Before Selecting Your Balcony Troughs:

Before you go ahead and buy your balcony troughs, here are some things you need to consider:

What Kind of Plants Do You Want to Grow in Them?

Before you start looking for the right trough for your balcony, you need to think of what kind of plants you wish to grow in them. Certain plants require a deeper container where as others flourish in shallower containers. Certain plants require extra space to spread themselves, where as others are okay in smaller containers. Based on the plants you would like to cultivate on your balcony garden, you will know the size of trough you will require for your space.

Do You Have Time to Water Your Plants Regularly?

Any plant you grow will require watering at regular intervals. So you need to ensure that they are well watered regularly. If you don’t have the time to water them regularly, you may want to consider buying self watering balcony troughs. These will ensure that your plants get watered when required without you having to worry about it.

Would You Need to Hang Them or Place Them on a Wall?

Next question you need to decide on is if you’re looking for hanging balcony troughs or the ones to place around your balcony walls. You may need to buy additional balcony brackets for troughs to suspend them from your railings.

Plastic or Ceramic?

The most popular balcony troughs are usually the plastic ones as they are lightweight. Many companies offer high-quality plastic products with different matte, stone and shiny finishes. These look stylish and classy. But you could also go for ceramic ones if you are looking to place them on your balcony wall. The ceramic troughs are heavier and better suited for windy spaces. So make sure you analyse your space and do your research before selecting the right one for your needs.


You will find that balcony troughs can be found in various price ranges. The lower ones being basic, usually made of regular or lower quality of plastic where as the high end ones are made of ceramic or high-quality plastic with various additional features.

Now that you know what to look for when selecting the right balcony troughs for your space, here are some of our favourite troughs to inspire you:

Balconera Cottage 50

The Balconera Cottage 50 is a beautiful wicker finish, high quality plastic balcony trough. This model is available in three colours – White, Granite and Mocha. Equipped with a planter liner and a water level indicator, this top end trough comes with a self-watering feature. The beautiful wicker finish makes it an aesthetic addition to your balcony garden.

Buy the Balconera Cottage 50 here.

Balconera Color 50

Another aesthetic trough for your railing garden is a the gorgeous Balconera Color 50. This model comes in a modern chic finish. Made with high-quality plastic, this trough comes with the self-watering feature along with a water level indicator to ensure that your plants stay hydrated. This trough has a matte finish and is available in three colours – White, Granite and Mocha.

Buy the Balconera Color 50 here.

Balconera Stone 50

The Balconera Stone 50 is a tasteful stone finish high-quality plastic trough. The product comes with a removable planter liner, a water level indicator and a high-quality pure mineral substrate. The planter makes the perfect addition to any tasteful modern outdoor space. This trough is available in three colours – Stone Grey, Sandy Beige and Graphite Black.

Buy the Balconera Stone 50 here.

Cararo High-Gloss Planters

The Cararo High-Gloss Planter is a premium balcony trough. It is best suited for dynamic indoor and outdoor spaces. These are perfect to line the walls of your balcony and create additional privacy outdoors. The Cararo is a self-watering planter that comes with a water level indicator and sturdy rollers. The planter is made of high-quality plastic with a metallic or glossy finish. Inside the planter, you will find a high-quality pure mineral plant substrate. Currently, the Cararo is available in White, Black, Taupe, Scarlet Red, Charcoal, Silver and Espresso colours with finishes ranging from high gloss to metallic.

Buy the Cararo range of planters here.