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Bonfire Night Celebrations on Your Balcony

5 November, 2020

Bonfire Night is here, and the best way to celebrate this year is probably on your balcony. If you are planning a fun evening at home on your balcony, do ensure that your space is ready for a brilliant Bonfire Night event. While planning your perfect party, make sure you follow the safety guidelines so that there are no mishaps to ruin the evening. Read on for tips to plan fun Bonfire Night celebrations on your balcony.

Play Around with Your Layout

Setting up your balcony to accommodate everyone in your family should be the first thing on your agenda while planning your Bonfire Night celebrations on your balcony. Plan where you want to have your seating space but also make sure to leave space for people to walk around while watching the fireworks. Once you know what you want the setting for the evening to look like, go ahead with rearranging the furniture outdoors and get things rolling.

Add In Some Additional Lighting

Next, you want to make sure that your outdoor space is well lit for the evening. Most balconies usually have very basic lighting, you may need to ensure that the space is appropriately lit. Bring in some additional lamps and candles, and place them around your balcony area so that even the darkest corners are well lit for the evening. You could also use some string lights to add additional lighting around your railings.

Decorate Your Space

Next, decorate your space for the occasion. Bring out the fairy lights, lanterns and other decorations, and set up your balcony for the fun evening ahead. You could bring in props and set up a photo booth corner to make the evening even more fun and memorable. The decorations can really help set the mood for the evening, so make sure you order in all the things you will need to decorate your space well in advance.

Make It Cosy

While entertaining outdoors in November, it is essential that you think of ways to make the space cosy. Outdoor heaters, loads of cushions and throws, and anything that helps warm up your guests should be added to ensure that they remain warm while outdoors. The other thing you should ensure is that there is a cosy seating area for your guests outdoors so that they can sit and watch the firework show if they like.

Warm Up Inside

In addition to setting up your balcony to be cosy, you need to also ensure that your indoor area is warm enough for those who wish to stay indoors. Light a fire in the fireplace and put on some good music.

Whip Up Tasty Food and Drinks

What really makes for a good party is the food and drinks! So, take your time to think it over and plan out the menu for the evening. Whether you go for a charcuterie board or a fully fledged assortment of tapas, decide what you would like to serve your guests and make all your arrangements well in advance. You should also decide what drinks you would like to serve your guests. You could whip up some easy cocktails on your balcony, or just stick to some wine and prosecco for the evening.

Keep an Eye on Nervous Pets

Loud sounds can scare and be extremely distressing to your furry friends. So make sure your pets are safely left indoors during the firework display, tucked away in a comfortable corner of the house. You could always opt to buy noise-cancelling headphones for pets to protect them from the loud sounds.