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We have been inspired to create a Balcony Community to help you to create the perfect balcony. Join in and enjoy your private outdoor haven to the fullest with Skize.

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Tell Architects how to design a nice balcony for you

Take this survey and have your say on how you’d like

your balcony to look like,

so we can let architects and construction companies know

ahead of building future apartments.

In return for your time, you’ll receive a Skize shopping voucher.


Share your Balcony pictures and

Win a Skize shopping voucher

Take a picture of your balcony space to share with the balcony community,

inspire others to make the most of their small outdoor space.


Become a Balconeer

Join our exclusive group of balcony enthusiasts who are pioneering the future of the balcony lifestyle.
Learn more about the Balconeers.

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