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Balcony Fire Suppression Planter

Peace of Mind from Balcony Fires

Fire Hero is the only fire protection solution designed specifically for apartment balconies, to protect you, your property and your neighbours 24/7.

With its patented Detect, Alert, Suppress system built into an aesthetic planter, Fire Hero provides peace of mind and a beautiful balcony.

Always on watch and never sleeps.

Feature 01


Built-in electronic heat detector senses nearby fire.

Feature 02


Sounds the alarm and sends text message alerts

Feature 03


Discharges 20 litres of non-toxic fire suppressant

There have been over 400 balcony fires in London in the last 3 years.

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Looks like a Planter. Acts like a Hero.

Product Features
  • Attractive black metal planter 95x40x40cm
  • Suitable for live or artificial plants
  • Electronic heat detection of fire
  • Loud alarm
  • Self-fill 20 litre water tank
  • Non-toxic freeze prevention additive
  • Solar continuous battery charging
  • Remote key fob with test function
Subscription Features
  • SMS text incident alerts to 3 numbers
  • Low battery and fault alerts
  • Alarm receiving centre monitoring
  • Free replacement additive refills
  • 10 year extended warranty
  • *No contract, cancel your subscription anytime

I like the peace of mind when you’re out of the house.

Everyone should have one on their balcony.

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