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Guide to Comfortable Outdoor Seating

27 April, 2020

Great balcony furniture brings comfort and function to your outdoor space. Select the right outdoor furniture for your space, and it will be transformed into a second family room. Be it a bespoke outdoor dining area, or a relaxing garden balcony or maybe a tasteful space to entertain. Thoughtful planning and the right decor is what will make your balcony space inviting and cosy for the years to come.

Selecting the right comfortable outdoor seating for your needs is essential. It will make those long hours out on your balcony all the more fun. But before you choose your outdoor furniture, there are some aspects that you should consider. Only once you have set a direction for your space, will you be able to pick the right furniture. So let’s start…

Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Balcony Furniture

Before you select the right balcony furniture for your outdoor space, there are some essential things you should decide on like the purpose of the area, the kind of weather conditions, your budget etc. Those will help you when deciding on the seating for your space. Here are some questions that you should answer before selecting the right furniture for your outdoor space: 

For What Do You Plan to Use Your Outdoor Space?

Do you want to use your balcony as a place to relax or as a place to entertain? Do you plan to work from your balcony or do you want to use it as an outdoor dining space? Answer these questions first before you select the right furniture for your area. There are different seating options for each of those functions. So the clearer idea you have, the easier it will be for you to select your outdoor seating. 

What Kind of Weather Does Your Area Usually Receive?

Another essential thing to consider before choosing any outdoor furniture for your space is the weather conditions out on your balcony. If it rains a lot, you may want to pick water-resistant furniture or maybe look into waterproof covers for your space. If it gets windy in your city, you may want to select furniture that is heavy so that it does not fly away with the strong winds. You may also consider covering up your balcony to protect your space against extreme weather conditions. 

What Look Do You Want to Create on Your Balcony?

The next thing you should consider is the look you are trying to create on your balcony. Do you want it to be chic and modern? Or maybe more cosy and comfy? Do you want the space to have a tropical vibe? Once you have zeroed down on this, you will find it easier to select the right outdoor seating for your area. 

What Is Your Budget?

The last thing you should know is the budget for your outdoor furniture. There are options available for every budget today. Setting this will help you narrow down your search options and pick the perfect seating option for you. 

Comfortable Outdoor Seating 

Now that you’ve answered the above questions, here are the different kinds of comfortable outdoor seating options for you:

Outdoor Sofas 

Outdoor sofas are great for entertaining. You will find water-resistant outdoor sofas that are perfect for rainy weather. These can be found for various budgets, but we recommend going in for a higher quality one that is more durable. These can be pricey, but worth it for those looking to entertain. 


If you’re looking to create a comfortable, relaxing space for yourself on your balcony, you may want to consider a daybed. These are luxurious and perfect for stretching out and have a good rest on. These are mostly on the higher price range, so consider this only if you have the budget for it. 

Lounge Chairs 

If daybeds are out of your budget, a lounge chair is the perfect budget option. They will also create a tropical vibe on your balcony. These are great to relax on and sunbathe out on your balcony during those warm summer months. 

Dining Set 

If you want to use your balcony as a place for outdoor family meals, then you may consider adding in a dining set. From metal to wooden dining sets, you will have your pick. 

Bean Bags 

Bean bags are perfect budget options for your comfortable outdoor seating needs. These are great for those looking to relax and get some work done outside. They look great in a balcony garden and for a more casual setting. 

Floor Cushions 

Create a cosy and comfy look, out in your balcony, by adding in some colourful floor cushions. These are incredibly comfortable and are budget-friendly. The best part is that they are easily portable and can be moved around. They may not be best suited for windy spaces as strong winds could move them.

Swing Set 

A fun seating option for your balcony could be a swing set. These are great for families with kids. Throw in some cushions and comfy pillows, and they make the perfect cosy seating option for your balcony.