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The Ultimate Guide to Juliet Balconies or Small Balconies

26 August, 2020

Named after the famous balcony scene from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Juliet balconies can be found all over Europe. These balconies are compact, stylish and trendy. Since you cannot sometimes step out on these balconies, they are also commonly known as false balconies or balconets. These false balconies are best described as a decorative feature that helps fortify large glass windows. 

Juliet balconies originated in Mediterranean countries such as Italy, France, Portugal and Spain. They can be found in various designs ranging from Victorian-style railings to more modern glass panels which are more straightforward with minimalist designs. 

Benefits of Juliet Balconies

You must be wondering, what’s the use of a balcony if you cannot step out on it, right? Well, Juliet balconies definitely have their pros. Here are some of the top benefits of installing a balconet in your home:  

Brighten Up Your Home 

Juliet balconies and French doors go hand in hand. With a balconet protecting your space, you can go ahead and install those vast glass doors and let natural light brighten up your space. The balconet allows you to open up those expansive French doors and let the light in.  

Additional Ventilation 

With your balconets letting your throw open those large French windows, your indoor space will have extra natural ventilation through the day.   

Extra Protection 

A Juliet balcony is a perfect way to add an extra layer of protection around huge windows. If you’re someone who tends to leave all your windows open for some fresh, natural breeze through the day, a balconet can help add in some extra protection. These act as a guard around the window preventing various mishaps. 

Cost-Effective and Easy to Install 

Juliet balconies are easy to install as they do not need planning permission. As long as the false balcony follows building regulations, it is possible to add in one. These balconies are perfect for buildings being refurbished. Balconets are usually installed on existing walls hence making them extremely cost-effective as you would not need to construct any additional structures, nor would you need to hire an architect. 

Style Quotient 

And lastly, these balconets look exceptionally stylish and can enhance the look of your house. Coupled with large french windows, they can add a touch of sophistication to your space. You can pick a style that works well with the décor of your house. These range from traditional Victorian style railings to modern glass panel railings.  

Maximize your Juliet Balcony 

Now if you have a Juliet balcony at home, you surely want to maximize its usage! Here are some fun things you can do around such balconies: 

Create a Reading Nook 

If you’re a bibliophile, then a cosy reading nook is perfect for your balconet. Set up a couch facing the view outside and cosy up with a book to read. Accessories with comfortable cushions and throws.  

A Casual Seating Area 

Convert your balconet into a small casual seating area for you and your loved one. With two comfy recliner chairs by the large French windows, a little table in between and the view and fresh breeze to go along with it, you will have a perfect place to relax with your loved one. 

A Living Balconet 

If you’re someone with a green thumb, you may choose to use the space like a balcony garden. Add in some railing planters and cultivate a beautiful flower garden that adds to the aesthetics of your space. You could also use the area to grow a mini herb garden. That way you can have fresh produce of herbs like Rosemary, Mint, Basil and others in your kitchen through the year. 

Work Station or Study Space 

Working or studying outdoors can be an enjoyable experience. And setting up your work station or study desk by your balconet will give you the feeling of being outdoors. 

Dining Area 

Setting up a dining area by your balconet creates a perfect romantic setting for you and your loved one with the view outside, enhancing your experience.