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Guide To Securing Your Balcony Against Fire Mishaps

19 October, 2020

Fire safety is something that everyone should think about while designing their balcony. It is absolutely essential to ensure that your outdoor space performs well in case of a fire threat. Read on for tips on securing your balcony against fire mishaps:

Get Your Decking Right

The most important thing to consider while securing your balcony against fire mishaps is your decking. Make sure you select the decking made completely from non-combustible materials for your outdoor space. To ensure this, you could select decking made from aluminium instead of wood as wooden decking is highly combustible.

Certain companies provide aluminium decking with beautiful “wood grain” finishes. These look tasteful while protecting you against fire hazards.

Check Your Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture can be combustible too so that is something you should keep in mind while securing your balcony against fire mishaps. So before deciding on any furniture for your outdoor space, make sure to check what it is made of. Having furniture that is made from non-combustible materials is essential. It is important to know that fire retardant is not safe enough; choose non-combustible.

Rethink What You Store

Many people use their balcony space to store away additional things from around the house. Some of these could have chemicals that may fuel the fire, in case of a breakout. So, make sure you keep that in mind when deciding what to store on your balcony.

Paints or solvents of any kind are extremely inflammable and can be hazardous. These should definitely not be stored on your balcony. Additionally, fireworks must be kept away from your balcony space. These too can be threatening in a fire situation as they will help to spread the fire. Fireworks should never be lit on balconies as they can cause mishaps.

Some people also use their balcony to store their waste and recycling materials. This too can be highly combustible and risky. Make sure you move these indoors or to other suitable places in your home.

Open Flame Barbecue

Charcoal Barbecue on Your Balcony? Think Again!

During the summer months, many people organise barbecues on their balconies. This can pose a serious fire safety risk, both to yourself, and your neighbours. Balcony barbecues using charcoal are one of the biggest fire safety hazards in buildings as they provide an ignition source in a small area. If the coal from the barbecue spills out, it could easily start a fire.

You should first check with your landlord or building manager about any guidelines applying to barbeques on your balcony. Electric barbeques are a far safer option for balcony use and have made great strides recently in terms of their performance.

Relocate the Christmas Tree

Many people move their Christmas tree to their balcony after the festive season. But this can be dangerous as coniferous trees can be a rapid source of fire spread. These trees can ignite and combust very quickly, making them major fire safety threats.

Make Sure Your Balcony Garden Is Well Watered

Those with balcony gardens need to be extra careful during hot and dry periods. The soil in planters and pots can dry out, making plants extra combustible. In case of even a small spark, plants can catch fire easily. You should make sure that your plants are watered regularly in order to avoid such mishaps. Self-watering planters are great to ensure that your plants are well watered and the soil remains moist even in the driest periods in the year.

Additional Fire Safety Measures

Those looking to secure themselves further in case of fire hazards could also opt to equip their balcony with certain devices that can come in handy in case of a fire disaster. These are our top picks:

Escape Air Vest

The Escape Air Vest (EAV) is an additional fire safety measure you can choose to have on your balcony. This vest is the best solution for evacuating people from a smoke-enriched environment. The vest is designed to provide the user with air or oxygen and to help them escape from fire incidents. It allows people to breathe in fresh air or oxygen for a prolonged period even in a heavily smoke-enriched space. The EAV is equipped with a whistle, torch, glow stick, eyewear, lanyard, nose clip, mouthpiece, tank and regulator.

Buy your EAV here.

SkySaver High-Rise Self-Rescue Kit

The SkySaver High-Rise Self-Rescue Kit is the ultimate self-rescue kit for life-threatening disasters. This kit can help you or your loved ones escape safely from any fire disaster. It is very easy to use and is suitable for self-rescue even from high-rise buildings up to the height of 260 feet.

The SkySaver High-Rise Self-Rescue Kit comes with a backpack with wide soft straps to ensure safety and comfort. The backpack is of free size and can be adjusted to fit anyone. The backpack also comes with a controlled descent device that is useful in controlling the speed of your descent. This backpack is built to operate under extreme temperatures and fires.

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