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How to Set Up Your Balcony for Autumn

8 September, 2020

September is the beginning of Autumn and the perfect time to decorate your balcony for the season. It is the perfect time to enjoy the chilly weather outdoors and maximise the use of your balcony. Here are some tips for setting up an ideal cosy autumn balcony:

Bring Out the Pumpkin

Autumn cheer is incomplete without Pumpkin decor. Nothing says fall like carved pumpkin displays or creative pumpkin planters. Use them to decorate your balcony and bring in some autumn vibes. You could either set up a corner with some pumpkins and lanterns or use one pumpkin to create a centre piece for your outdoor table. An easy DIY project could be to convert your pumpkin into a flower vase and fill it up with various fall flowers.

Add in Some Autumn Seasonal Plants

It’s autumn and the best time to start cultivating special seasonal plants on your balcony garden. Pansies, Peonies, Daffodils, Asters, Calendulas are our top picks for the season. Check out our guide on Plants to Grow in September for more autumn seasonal plant inspiration.

Make Your Balcony Cosy

With temperatures dropping in fall, you need to ensure that your balcony space is cosy and warm. Add in some warm throws and cushions and make your outdoor furniture inviting and comfy. Adding in a heater for those cooler evenings might be a good idea. Those with stone, tile or marble flooring may also want to add in a carpet as the floor tends to get extra cold as the temperature drops.

Lighten It Up

With the sun setting earlier in fall, you may want to add in some additional lighting for the season. Lanterns are a fun and decorative lighting idea that match the autumn vibe. Additionally, you could use pumpkin shaped string lights, or autumn leaf string lights around the railings to add an extra seasonal touch. If you have ample space, you could also create some beautiful jar lights to place around your outdoor space. All you will need are some battery operated fairy lights and clear jars.

Add in Some Plaid

Nothing says autumn like plaid. Add in some plaid printed runners for your outdoor table and set up your table for fall. To create an eye-catching look, use three plaid table runners and place them in different directions, starting from the centre piece. These plaid table runners will add a dose of autumn colour and stripes to your outdoor space.

Create Some Apple Candle Holders

Another cool DIY to create for your fall-themed balcony table is Apple Candle Holders. These will fill your outdoor space with the smells and scents of fall. All you need to do is carve out the core of an apple and add in a taper candle inside. This is super easy to create and looks very pretty when used to set up your outdoor dining table.