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How to Set up an Instagrammable Balcony

17 August, 2020

With summer coming to an end soon, you may want to be spending more time outdoors. And what better place to do that at, than at your very own balcony! Before you do so, though, you may want to set it up to look like one of those Instagram perfect outdoor spaces. And if you’ve seen those picture-perfect Instagrammable balcony spaces, you obviously know what we are talking about!

So now if you’re wondering how you can transform your outdoor space, we have good news for you! With the right elements and accessories, you can quickly turn your balcony into an Instagram perfect outdoor space. Read on to find out about all you would need to set up your Instagrammable balcony… 

Cosy Outdoor Furniture 

The first thing you will need to set up your instagrammable balcony is some cosy furniture to transform your space into your comfort zone. This could be a comfortable couch, a reclining chair, fun bean bags or cosy floor cushions. Select something that suits your needs best. The next step is to set it up at the perfect position on your balcony, preferably facing the view outside. 

A Statement Rug 

Next, pick a statement rug with different patterns and designs. Choose something colourful or go for a more neutral shade, depending on the colour scheme you want to use for your space. A rug will help add more character to your space and bring the decor all together. Choosing a rug with bold patterns can also help add some design elements to your outdoor space. 

Colourful Cushions 

To make your balcony space extra cosy and comfortable, add in some colourful cushions. Match them with your rug and other elements on your balcony for a more colour coordinated space. You could also choose a bright summery colour to set the mood for the season. 

Perfect Lighting Solution 

Selecting the right lighting solution for your outdoor space can help set the mood of your balcony. Be it a statement jazzy pendant light or some cosy string lights, selecting the right lighting is essential for your makeover. Consider the usage of your space and pick the right lighting solution that will help you enhance the look of your balcony. 

Flowering Plants and Potted Palms 

Nothing says cosy balcony better than outdoor flowering plants. Pick different plants with colourful flowers to grow on your balcony and plant them in pretty containers. If you’re going for a more sophisticated look, you can also add in some potted palm trees. Plants help add a more homely and cosy touch to your space. 

Decorative Lanterns 

Next, to set up your Instagrammble balcony, decorate your space with some pretty and decorative lanterns. You can pick colourful ones to place around the balcony, or you could even choose to hang them on the wall. 

An Antique Privacy Screen 

Another great functional accessory for your space is a beautiful privacy screen. These add character to your area and also help create additional privacy outdoors. 

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