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Download Your Balcony Gardening Journal

15 October, 2020

Start your own Balcony Garden with our Balcony Gardening Journal. Download our Digital Journal and get started today!
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The Digital Journal Includes:

  • Flowering Plants to Grow by Season
  • Gardening Goals
  • Balcony Layouts
  • Month by Month Guide
  • and much more

Things to Consider Before Starting Your Balcony Garden

The first step in balcony gardening for beginners is to research and figure out specific essential details for the balcony garden you would like to create. These include various factors like availability of space, sunlight, water, budget and time that you would like to invest. Based on these, you will be able to decide what plants to grow and what resources you would require to set it up. So let’s start!

How Much Space Can You Dedicate to Your Balcony Garden?
As a beginner, you must decide on how much space you would like to dedicate to your new balcony garden. Would you like to fill the entire balcony with pots and plants? Or would you want to have them in a small section of the balcony?

Even if you have a small balcony, it is definitely possible to create a small garden there. You can always create a vertical garden by mounting pots or building some beautiful DIY trellises.

How Much Direct Sunlight Does Your Balcony Get?
Another vital factor that you need to take into consideration is the daily amount of sunlight your balcony gets. You need to know the exact number of hours of sunshine per day. This can be measured manually by using a stopwatch or with a gardening tool called a sun calculator.

The other thing you need to check is which part of your balcony receives the most amount of sunlight. Some parts might be obstructed by the surrounding building and may not get any sunlight throughout the day. Make sure you mark off the area with the most amount of the sun for your balcony garden, as without it, some of your plants would not survive for long.

Is It Windy?
The other thing you should consider while planning for your balcony garden is the wind situation on your balcony. Many plants don’t hold up well in windy spaces, whereas others thrive with the wind. So before deciding on the kind of plants you would like to grow, make sure you know how windy it could get out on your balcony.

For extremely windy spaces, you could also consider installing some blinds to keep the wind from harming the plants.

How Much Time Can You Invest?
Certain plants require extra care, whereas others are relatively easy to grow. Before picking the plants for your balcony garden, you should thoroughly research them. That way, you can decide if it would be possible for you to put in the time and effort required to nurture them. If not, based on the time you have available, you can select from a section of plants that are relatively easier to grow.

Do You Want to Grow Food?
Growing your own food can be amazing as it will taste fresher and better than the supermarket-bought produce. The only catch is that you will need a minimum of 6-8 hours of sunlight to grow any kind of food. If that isn’t an issue, you should research the different types of food you can grow easily in pots. If not, you could even consider growing a mini herb garden. Rosemary, thyme, Basil, Mint are some herbs that can be easily grown in almost any balcony.

What’s Your Budget?
Another essential factor to consider before setting up your balcony garden is your budget for it. You can generally find gardening equipment for every budget. But it is still an investment that will be required.