Balcony Kitchen Garden Subscription - Amateur or Avid Gardeners

Start your own ‘Kitchen Garden’

with a Skize seed subscription & gardening support

Thinking of ways to make your small outdoor space as productive as it can be?  A kitchen garden is a great project to consider, especially if you believe in organic and sustainable food.


Did you know that for every £100 we spend on supermarket-bought fruit and veg we release on average 11kg of CO2? That’s the cost of the large-scale processes behind our food production chain, including intensive farming practices, air miles and road transport, unnecessary packaging and wasted produce that is unsold or spoilt on the journey.


If growing your own fresh produce excites you but you are not a seasoned gardener, Skize is here to help with our Kitchen Garden Subscription with course that will assist you one baby step at a time until success!

Balcony Kitchen garden

How it works

Following the principles of ‘square foot gardening’, we have created a year-round gardening subscription programme whereby you pick what you’d like to grow month on month, and we’ll provide the seeds, a video course and gardening support as you need so that you can get the most from the little space you have available on your balcony, patio or small garden.

What is included in this amateur gardeners’ subscription:

  • Choose three types of seeds from a monthly selection – we’ll suggest only what is to be planted that month and what we know works best, particularly for growing in containers, all year round.
  • Video guides from our experts, exclusively available to our Kitchen Garden members: you’ll learn the What, the How, the When, your to-do jobs for the month and how to get the most from your square foot kitchen garden. This is our mini-version of Gardeners’ World – without the celebrities – but just as helpful!
  • Personal support from a gardener: if something goes pear-shaped, and it’s not your pears, not to worry, our gardeners are here to help you with prompt advice; just send your pictures and questions – we’ll work on it together!
  • We’ll plant a tree for you – after you follow the program for a year, to mark the anniversary of the start of your efforts and contribute further to reduce your carbon footprint. The trees will be planted either in a UK-managed nature reserve or in a public space as chosen by our little volunteers in primary and secondary schools in the UK – so we can spread the message and promote environmental education while letting the little helpers have some fun!
  • Members discounts on our shop – get the the planters and tools you need, outdoor furniture or storage solutions, browse our shop and take advantage of members offers!

What will I get from this?

  • Hopefully, lots of organic veg, salads and fruit,
  • Practical knowledge and a reconnection to natural food
  • Physical and mental well-being – the side effects of getting closer to nature

What else will I need to get started?

You need some pots or growbags, compost and basic tools. Don’t have any?

Don’t worry, we’ve put together a value growing kit for the occasion, with all the basics you need. Order it from our shop and it will be delivered to you on time to start your Kitchen Garden project.

And if you change your mind…

Once you get the growing bug, and start enjoying the incomparable freshness of your own produce, it will be difficult to give up. But if you need to take a break or cancel it altogether, no probs, just log into your account and pause your membership. Then come back to us when you are ready.

Start your Kitchen Garden project today for £2.99

Ready, steady….Let’s grow!
Join our Kitchen Garden Subscription today and for only £2.99 for your first month, you’ll start a rewarding project, learn new skills, re-connect to nature and its fruits, while doing your bit to help save the planet

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