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Must-Have Artificial Outdoor Plants for Balconies

13 August, 2020

Aesthetic balconies are a sight for sore eyes. Especially those spaces that have been converted into an outdoor mini jungle. Living balconies with flowers, plants, creepers and vines growing all overlook cosy and beautiful. But cultivating and growing a balcony garden does require a lot of investment in terms of time and effort. Besides that, without a green thumb, you could find yourself lost and confused with regards to maintaining your balcony garden. So if you feel like gardening is not for you, but you would still like to create a beautiful living balcony, you could think of adding in some faux plants to decorate your outdoor space. Read on to know all about artificial outdoor plants for balconies… 

Where to Buy Artificial Outdoor Plants for Your Space?

Today, faux plants are an essential part of home decor, be it for indoor or outdoor spaces. These are popular among people who would like to add some greenery to their area without having to continually care and nourish their plants. They last for years and remain unaffected by climatic conditions throughout the year. All they need from time to time is a little bit of cleaning to ensure that they look fresh and green. They certainly are the easier option.

So now, if you would like to switch up your real plants for some faux plants, you may want to know where you could buy these from! Well, artificial outdoor plants for balconies can be purchased from any home decor store near you. You can also order them online from various online stores that specialize in faux plants. Just make sure you buy from a place that sells quality products that look more authentic.

Different Styles of Artificial Outdoor Plants for Balconies

Next, there are different kinds of faux plants available in the market today. Each can be used uniquely to uplift the look of your outdoor space and add in some greenery. Some of them can also be used to create additional privacy on your balcony. Here are the various kinds of faux plants that are perfect for your balcony: 

Ivy or Fern Living Wall 

Living walls make perfect substitutes for wallpaper for your balcony space. These can be bought as panels that can be used to cover your entire surface area and create a beautiful living wall outdoors. 

Faux Grass Carpet 

Another easy way to add a green touch to your balcony is with some faux grass. You can buy these as a roll or as panels to cover the entire flooring of your balcony. Faux grass helps to create a beautiful outdoor garden look on your balcony. 

Creeper Privacy Screens 

Creeper privacy screens are perfect for screening your balcony from the view of those around. They can help create some privacy outdoors. Fix these privacy screens on the railings of your balcony and add a green touch to your space. 

Hanging Flowering Plants 

You can buy some hanging planters with faux flowering plants for your balcony space. These can be suspended from the ceiling of your balcony. They are perfect to beautify your balcony space and add in an aesthetic touch to your outdoor area. 

Patio Planters 

You will find different kinds of patio planters in the market today. They are different kinds of faux plants in planters. These can placed  all around your balcony to add a green touch to your space. 

Faux Hedges 

Faux hedges are perfect for bigger balcony spaces and can help to create various zones on your balcony. You can also create additional privacy on your balcony with the help of natural hedges. 


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