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Norman Troy’s Balcony Workout

28 July, 2020

If you are not quite feeling like heading to the gym just yet, we have just the workout for you. We have teamed up with Norman Troy, a personal trainer from London to bring to you two easy workouts that you can easily do on your balcony.

HITT Workout, Body weight

  1.  High knees
  2. Press ups
  3. Jumping jacks
  4. Squats
  5. Mountain climbers
  6. Reverse lunges
Perform exercise 1 for 30 secs and the take a 30 secs then repeat the same procedure for exercises 2,3,4,5,6! ( complete 4 rounds)

Strength Workout

  1. Lunges (alternate)
  2. Sumo Goblin Squats
  3. Bicep curls
  4. Standing Shoulder press
  5. Press ups on knees\toes
  6. Bent over rows
You will perform exercise 1 &2 straight after each other (12 reps each) then take a 1 min break. Move on to exercise 3 and 4 and repeat the same thing, finally you will complete the workout by moving on to exercise 5 and 6. repeat 3 times.

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