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Plants to Grow on Your Balcony in the Month of July

8 July, 2020

Are you looking to give your balcony garden a whole new look in July? Here are some plants that thrive even in containers and are perfect to be grown by the end of July. From flowering plants to herbs, vegetables and fruits, you will have your pick.

Now read on for the ten best plants to grow in July…


Watermelons can be grown in containers when given enough water and sun. You will need large-sized containers to cultivate them. Additionally, the container will require multiple drainage holes, so the water does not stagnate and rot the roots. Use a well-drained soilless potting soil for the crop and make sure to water the plant regularly.

Swiss Gourds

Swiss Gourds are among the more challenging plants to grow in July, especially in containers. But it is still possible to cultivate them by the end of July. These will require large pots and containers so pick those accordingly. Swiss Gourds, like other gourds, will require soil with natural manure and peats. Make sure that the plant gets plenty of sunlight through the day, especially if you’re interested in getting a good harvest.