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Lechuza Balconera Planters

Welcome to the Lechuza Balconera range of intelligent self-watering planters made in Germany.

The ultimate in balcony planters, thanks to clever brackets that attach to balcony railings.  They are available in a wide range of colours, sizes, and styles including rattan and stone effect finishes.

These planters are an investment that will last and be worth every penny.  See the full Balconera range for sale online below.  Or click here to explore the full range of all Lechuza planters and accessories.

Key features:

All of the planters incorporate an intelligent self-watering system that will nourish your plants for up to 12 weeks with measured fertiliser and water.

Window box brackets are available to fit the entire range, for quick and easy fitting to virtually any balcony railings.

Stabiliser extensions are available for an ultra-secure fitting even on railings with larger rung spacings.

These planters are also suitable for use on balcony tables or simply floor mounted.

Available to buy online in a wide range of colours, styles, and sizes.


An Overview Of The Range:


Size Options:

The Balconera 50 measures 50L x 19W x 19H cm, and the Balconera 80 measures 79L x 19W x 19H cm.


Styles and Colours:

The Cottage range has an authentic woven cane rattan-style effect and is available in 5 natural colours.

The Color range is the lowest cost option in the range, and is available in 8 different colours including vibrant and soft neutral options, to complement any balcony.

The Stone planters are a mid-priced option and are for sale in 4 different natural stone effect finishes.

All of the self-watering planter styles and colours are available in both the 50 and 80 size options.