8 Week Mindfulness Course with Kate

8 Week Mindfulness Course with Kate


What to expect

This is an 8 week ‘Mindful Happiness’ project where you’ll learn how mindfulness improves our mental wellbeing by:

  • Increasing joy and happiness
  • Improving our resilience to stress
  • Managing overwhelm
  • Feeling grateful for what you have, even if it’s not what you want
  • Creating a better connection with yourself and your loved ones

You’ll receive a weekly email containing insights as to what mindfulness really is and a technique to try at home plus a mid week check-in email to support and inspire you. You don’t need any prior understanding of mindfulness to take part in this unique journey, just an open and curious mind. Plus you will receive an additional digital journal to keep track of your progress.



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Is this course for me?

What does it feel like to be fully aware and conscious of what you’re doing and thinking? How often do you find yourself lost in thought throughout the day? What are you missing as a result of being on that ‘autopilot’? Awareness is your true source of wealth. It is the first step to change, and freedom. It’s not an easy journey to complete on your own – and this course is aimed at accompanying you on that path, to find your ‘true you’ and allow you to emerge and find the right place to be, for your mind and soul.



What is Mindfulness?

Being mindful is being fully aware in the present moment. It’s the difference between being lost in thought and noticing/ being conscious of your existence.