Coaster For Planters Classico LS 50 by Lechuza

Coaster For Planters Classico LS 50 by Lechuza


A practical and stylish accessory from Lechuza, this Black Coaster facilitates the transport of your planters.

  • When fitted under Lechuza Classico LS 50, the coaster disappears from view virtually
  • Works well with all other planters & pots with a base diameter of 30cm or less
  • The sturdy 5 rollers can sustain up to 180kg in weight
  • Makes cleaning and repositioning of heavy planters really easy, without the risk of scratching floors

Size: 30 x 30 x 6cm

FREE UK DELIVERY: 3-5 Working Days


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LECHUZA’s Coaster for planters make it easy to move the pots in your interiors creating new green areas, sharing and integrating space.
Coaster is made of high quality plastic and do not scratch the floor.


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