iBOP Hydra Self-Watering Hanging Planter

iBOP Hydra Self-Watering Hanging Planter


The hydra is the worlds first ‘Intelligent Buoyancy Operated Planter’ (iBOP), invented, designed and manufactured in the UK. The hydra has a three pint (1.7 litres) reservoir in reserve which is taken by the plants automatically on demand. The water level is always visible, and the Reservoir is easy to fill.

No more worries about being away during hot weather and your plants will thrive due to the consistent moisture level The Inner Container rests on the Valve Seal overcoming the buoyancy force of the Reservoir due to its weight.

The weight of the Inner Container drops due to evaporation and plant demand. The Container then floats, breaking the Valve Seal allowing fluid from the Reservoir to flow into the Inner Container. The Inner Container increases in weight due to fluid intake and overcomes the buoyancy force of the Reservoir lowering back onto the Valve Seal, stopping fluid flow.


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