Lechuza Yula Self-Watering Plant Trough

Lechuza Yula Self-Watering Plant Trough


This indoor, self-watering plant trough from Lechuza will adorn your interiors while adding plant colour and interest

  • indoor self-watering planter with stick irrigation system
  • Water level indicator
  • Plants can easily be placed in this planter without the need for repotting
  • High-quality glossy lacquered surface
  • Great gift idea
  • Substrate included

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For stress-free plant care without daily watering
The LECHUZA irrigation system takes the stress out of plant care. Plants can easily be placed into the glossy containers with the liner, without the need for time-consuming repotting, thanks to Lechuza long-term fertilizer. A stick inserted into the liner from below transports moisture evenly to the roots. The water level indication can be used to check when it’s time to refill the reservoir. Plant care can be that simple!

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