Lechuza Trio Cottage 30 Self-Watering Planter

Lechuza Trio Cottage 30 Self-Watering Planter


  • Woven texture with rattan-look
  • Manufactured from premium grade plastic
  • Frost resistant, UV proof self-watering planter
  • Medium sized planter in granite colour
  • Highly suitable for indoor plants
  • Plant pot: Internal measurements shown without the self watering system. Please remember that this will occupy some space inside the unit reducing your overall planting space.

Colour: Granite Grey (more colours coming soon)

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  • Planter’s sub-irrigation system ensures optimal water supply
  • Go up to 12 weeks between watering
  • UV safe, frost proof, and shatterproof
  • Planters are protected from rainwater overflow
  • Manufactured in Germany from premium grade plastic
  • Suitable for any plants that grow in soil, including orchids
  • Set includes an external pot, a separator (second bottom), water level indicator, LECHUZA-PON substrate and assembly instructions
  • Trellis available as an accessory

TRIO Cottage is a self-watering planter made in Germany which you can use for the decoration of a country house. This item is perfect for terraces, gazebos or porches. Model name indicates that three planters are used.

Planters have woven texture, made of high impact-resistant plastic, which does not smell and does not burn. Planters are not afraid of temperature changes and protected from the rainwater overflow.

What are the advantages of LECHUZA planters?
Designed with a stylish appearance and an intelligent sub-irrigation system, LECUZA planters will provide your plants with water and fertilizer for up to 12 weeks.

The LECHUZA self-watering planter is chosen by people who want to decorate their interiors or are engaged in floriculture. LECHUZA planters are the choice of interior designers and florists all over the world.

Buying LECHUZA planters gets you a premium European brand planter made from environmentally friendly plastic, more freedom, and less worry. Even while traveling, your plants will still be provided with moisture and fertilizers which ensure complete and better plant growth (in comparison with plant growth in “Musa”, LECHUZA 2013).

Which plants are suitable?
Planters are suitable for growing indoor plants, vines, and even vegetables.

What is included?
All-in-one set includes an external pot, 3 inner pots with adjustable handles, water level indicator, LECHUZA-PON substrate and assembly instructions.
Planters are easy to install and take just 5 minutes to be ready for planting.

Please note that the trellis is not included.


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