SkySaver High-Rise Self-Rescue Kit, 260 Feet, 25th Floor

SkySaver High-Rise Self-Rescue Kit, 260 Feet, 25th Floor


A firefighter can take up to 30 min to reach you—the ultimate self-rescue kit for life-threatening disasters.

Using SkySaver is easy for everyone, No skills required. Simply follow SkySaver’s 3 step process to descend to safety.

In case of fire and other life-threatening emergencies simply:

(1)Put on the backpack and buckle up.

(2)Clip to the anchor point.

(3)Safely, slowly descend from the nearest opening.


Currently not available

More stock expected October 2020.


Backpack harness holds the body in 6 pressure points, wide soft straps ensure safety and comfort, 1 size fits all – wear it and adjust straps in 6 points to fit your body.

The backpack contains a Controlled Descent Device, keeping your descend speed at the approximate speed of 1 meter/second, via a simple yet robust mechanical braking system, built to operate under extreme temperatures,  and loads, direct fire, water, oil and ice. Galvanized steel cable, Fire retardant fabric successfully load tested for 270 Kg. Safety parachuting buckles secure the torso.


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