Vegetable Growing Kits for Balconies and Patios

Vegetable Growing Kits for Balconies and Patios


If you are considering growing your own vegetables and herbs from seed on your balcony or patio and have no equipment as yet, here are some handy kits to get you started, as recommended by our gardeners.

A selection of three kits, each with growbags and coir growing medium, depending on the size of your planned kitchen garden and/or type of vegetables you wish to grow. See additional information for details.

Each kit includes:

  • durable, reusable, fold-away growbags
  • coir medium to fill the growbags
  • plant labels
  • set of 20 seedling pots
  • a handy set of widger & dibber

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Here are the choices of growing kits for your kitchen garden project

Kit 1 includes

  • a single reusable growbag planter measuring 100L x 42W x 25H cm, with side reinforced brass drainage holes.  It comes with a helpful growing guide with lots of tips and suggestions to get you started. It can be used with all sort of vegetables, salads, herbs and some fruits (tomatoes, strawberries)
  • 2 coir mix bags (10kg in total) – a peat-free multi-use growing medium that replaces compost. Cleaner and ideal for small space growers as it is easy to store and handle. Each bag contains a compact 5kg block and is quarter of the weight of traditional sacks of compost. Just add water and each block hydrates to 60L (therefore 120L in total). Perfect for all seeds, pots, planters, hanging baskets and hydroponics
  • a pack of 25 wooden plant labels (15H cm)
  • a widger & dibber set – use the widger to dig out seedlings and use the dibber for making holes for sowing and when transplanting
  • a set of 20 x 6cm peat free biodegradable pots – to sow seeds that needs to be indoor for sometime before going outside as established seedling








Kit 2 includes:

  • A set of three different size growbags:  a deep one measuring 35D x 45H, one medium measuring 40D x 30H and one shallow 45D x 25H. Specially designed for use on patios, balconies and in small gardens, and ideal for different types of vegetables, including root vegetables including carrots, parsnips and potatoes. Made of a tough polythene with reinforced drainage holes and handles on each side, they fold flat for easy storage and can be reused again and again. This set includes a helpful growing guide with lots of handy advice, including a list of varieties suitable for each container and how many to plant in each.
  • 2 coir packs (10kg in total) + plant labels + Widger & Dibber set + set of 20 seedling pots

Kit 3 is the maxi growing kit allowing lots of flexible growing space in small areas:

  • Single growbag (see kit 1) + set of 3 deeper growbags (see kit 2) + 4 x coir bags (20kg altogether) + 1 pack of plant labels + Widger & Dibber set + 2 sets of 20 seedling pots


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Kit 1 with single large growbag, Kit 2 with triple deep growbags, Kit 3 with both single & triple set growbags