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The Perfect Balcony Picnic Inspiration

1 June, 2020

Your balcony can be a fun picnic spot for your family or even for a romantic evening with your partner. All you’ll need is the right setup to set the mood right. Here are some tips and picnic inspiration for you to plan the perfect balcony picnic.

Splash Some Colour

Add a splash of colour to your outdoor setting and pick a colourful picnic blanket. Be it a light pastel shade or a typical checkered blanket that is the first essential thing you will need to set it all up.

Blossoms and Blooms

Now if you’re in a garden or park, you readily have the picnic look and feel. But if you’re planning a balcony picnic, you may have to spruce it up. Adding in some greenery in the form of flowers in a vase or even a few plants if you’re in a mood for it, will help set the right look.

Get It Lit

Decorate your picnic area with some beautiful fairy lights or string lights. These work well for those evening balcony picnics. Light them up at dusk for a cosy evening outdoors.

Bring Out the Tableware

The best part about having a balcony picnic is the fact that you can bring out your fancy plates. No disposable plates will be needed. You can bring out your most elegant tableware and set it up on your picnic blanket.

Fill up Your Picnic Basket

If you’re setting up a balcony picnic, your picnic basket is essential! Load it up with some delicious sandwiches, scones and berries and head to your balcony for a fun outdoor picnic.

Bring Out the Bubbly

Don’t forget to add your favourite drink to the menu for your outdoor picnic! Be it a bottle of nice champagne or some chilled lemonade, make sure you keep yourself hydrated.