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Unique Upcycled Planters for your Balcony Garden

27 July, 2020

Are you looking for some fun new planters for your balcony garden? Here are some cool upcycled planters that you could use for your space. These can be found around most houses and also look super unique and decorative on your balcony.

Toy Trucks

If you have kids who have grown up, you can use their toy trucks as an upcycled planter. These look beautiful and make a perfect container for small cacti plants. They also look incredibly decorative and dressy and make an ideal accessory for your outdoor garden. So next time you’re looking for a planter, just upcycle one of your kids’ old toy and you’ll have a unique and beautiful planter for your balcony garden.

Empty Dressers

Have an old dressing table you have been meaning to get rid off? Keep them safe because empty dressers make great upcycled planters. Pull out the drawers and fill them with a high-quality potting mix. Based on the depth of the drawers, carefully select the plants you would like to cultivate. You may also need to drill some extra holes at the bottom for the water to seep through. With just a few tweaks, you will have a beautiful new planter for your balcony garden.


Have lego blocks lying at home? Use them to build a little planter for your balcony garden. These lego upcycled planters are great to plant certain kinds of flowering plants or even to cultivate your herb garden! You can also have your kids build them for you, so they are involved in gardening from a young age.

Hanging Shoe Rack

Upcycle your old shoe racks as fun planters for your balcony garden. These make great planters for vertical gardens as they are stacked one on top of the other. Fill up the pockets with a good quality potting soil mix and cultivate your beautiful edible herb garden. You can hang this on your balcony wall and harvest it from time to time, so you have a fresh supply of herbs in your kitchen all through the year.

Empty Jars

If you have numerous old jars lying around the house, you could easily recycle them as planters for your balcony garden. Depending on the depth of the pot, you can grow a range of different plants in these. All you will need to do is to drill a hole for the water to pass through and use some well-drained soil so that the roots of your plants are not rotting in stagnant water.

Rain Boots

Rain boots make perfect decorative planters for your balcony garden. These look unique and make great accessories for your balcony. Using colourful rain boots also help to add colour to your outdoor space. High top boots are deep enough to grow a wide range of plants. You may have to make some holes at the bottom to ensure better drainage of water so your plants can become healthier.


If you’re looking for a unique hanging planter for your outdoor space, tires are the perfect choice for you. Old tyres make unusual hanging planters as they can be suspended from your wall, or even from the ceiling with a sturdy rope. They look incredibly decorative when filled with colourful flowering plants.

Light Bulbs

Using old light bulbs as an upcycled planter for tiny saplings is another excellent way of recycling your waste. These are best when hung near the wall of your balcony. They make perfect planters for plants that grow in water. You can club a few light bulbs together to create a hanging water garden on your balcony.

Empty Wicker Baskets

If you have empty wicker baskets around your house, these can also be repurposed as planters for your balcony garden. The bigger the size of your basket, the bigger plants you can grow in them. They look decorative and give a tropical vibe to your space, especially if you grow some variety of palm trees in there.

Wine Bottles

Empty wine bottles or any empty glass bottle, in general, can easily be repurposed as a planter for your balcony garden. These are great to plant water plants, but can also be filled with potting soil and cultivated with regular plants. You may need to drill some holes at the bottom so that there is a way for the water to get out in case you want to use it to grow plants using potting soil.

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